Ump ejects three blind mice halloween

schancey100: And that's why you never play three blind mice as a baseball organist. renton9999: this was a legal ejection on the grounds of possibly inciting violence from the crowd. while it might seem like the ump was being oversensitive, it is his job to assure the safety of the players, spectators and officials. Minor League Umpire Ejects Music Guy For Playing Three Bling Mice Over The PA (Video) when Three Blind Mice came on over the PA after a questionable The umps name is Mario Aug 02, 2012 This umpire goes a little overboard after realizing that the intern organist is playing" Three Blind Mice" after a close call.

He ejects the intern and bans the sound system for the rest of the night. Touchy baseball umpire ejects PA announcer for mocking him by playing Three Blind Mice after bad call After the manager finished arguing, Dye played Three Blind Mice on the stadium speakers Occasionally PA announcers like to have fun with their musical selection during baseball games.

But one minor league umpire thought a PA announcer went too far last night when he played" Three Blind Mice" following a questionable call. Aug 03, 2012  Touchy baseball umpire ejects PA announcer for mocking him by playing Three Blind Mice after bad call By SNEJANA FARBEROV PUBLISHED: 01: 07 EST, 3 August 2012 UPDATED: 01: 30 EST, 3 August 2012 it happened at a minor legue Clearwater Phillies game back in the late 70's.

Yes the ump was pissed but handled it Last night, we told you about minor league umpire Mario Seneca, who ejected the music guycollege intern working for the highA Daytona Cubs for playing" Three Blind Mice" after a questionable call. If I was the onsite stadium manager or home team owner I'd tell the organist to continue to play.

If the ump had a problem with that I'd eject him from the stadium. Three Blind Mice was long part of the SymPhonys repertoire, along with The Hearse Song (The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out The worms play pinochle in your snout They eat your eyes, they eat your nose They eat the jelly between your toes).

The quality of his new pickup line notwithstanding, Dye was not the first music man to be ejected from a baseball game, nor even the first to be ejected for playing" Three Blind Mice. " In 1985, minor league organist Wilbur Snapp drew national media attention for getting ejected after protesting a call at Jack Russell Stadium in Clearwater, Fla.with Fans at a minor league baseball game in Florida saw the rarest of ejections Wednesday: the home team's DJ got tossed for playing" Three Blind Mice" !

In Daytona's contest Aug 02, 2012  As home plate umpire Mario Seneca stood at the dish waiting for Harper and Hernandez to conclude their discussion, Daytona intern deejay Derek Dye attempted to entertain the crowd while poking fun at the umpires, selecting a ballpark organ rendition of" Three Blind Mice" to play over the public address system at Jackie Robinson After realizing the song is likely a musical indictment of his umpiring abilities, he immediately ejects the culprit (Cubs" music man" Derek Dye) and issues a rare

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