Halloween party feel boxes

Halloween feel boxes are kind of like a familyfriendly Halloween version of the TV show Fear Factor. You can easily spook your guests using items you already have around your home. Basically, Halloween feel boxes are covered bowls hidden inside a box. Halloween" feel boxes" can be great fun for a party or classroom. This openended activity requires a little imagination and acting skill to make it fun.

It's especially effective with children ages 6 to 12 who are old enough to imagine what an object might beand young enough to wonder if they're really touching something awful.

The Halloween mystery box game is a popular Halloween party game that will have players reaching into dark boxes to feel items like eyeballs, bones, guts, and fingers. The trick to this game is that inside the boxes are actually everyday items that the players will need to try to guess the identity of.

Sep 30, 2010 We Halloween party feel boxes doing a family party (kids and adults). We would like to do" touchy feely" boxes where people reach in and feel stuff. I was thinking stuff like frayed rope could be Ogre nose hair, broken twigs could be finger bones, etc. Halloween feelie boxes add shrieks of delight and disgust to a party, gathering or trickortreat night.

Inside each secret feelie box is a food item, which, to the imaginative, feels like something gross, such as peeled grapes or Click here to download the Halloween Feel Boxes PDF. Cut out each square and fold in half. I like to tape a piece of wax paper inside the boxes for protection prior to filling with any of the food items so the boxes can stay clean to be easily used again.

The boxes should be large enough to permit a hole to be made on one end so that a hand can reach in and feel what is inside. Copy paper boxes work well because of the lid. Add a different spooky item to each box. I remember going to Halloween carnivals as a child and playing all the fun games.

There was this one game I remember playing where you had to stick your hand in a box and feel grossness that was supposed to be body parts and spooky things.

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