Creepiest halloween superstition

First celebrated by the Irish, Halloween has its roots in the Celtic festival of Samhain. It was a time when the pagans took stock of their supply for winters. It was believed that on Halloween day, the boundaries between the living and dead overlapped and the dead could return back to cause chaos Superstitions are more than persistent irrationality. They connect us to our ancient ancestors and traditions.

Here are history's 13 most enduring superstitions. Don't worry I spelled it right. However it's written, Halloween is chalk full of superstitions going back way way before deodorant was common place. Randomly last night I looked into a whole host of superstitions related to. Halloween has some major spook hidden in its traditions, and these five creepy Halloween facts and superstitions only confirm that.

If you really want to scare yourself silly this Halloween, then According to one medieval superstition, seeing a spider on Halloween means the spirit of a loved one is watching over you, so maybe Halloween, or All Hallow's Eve, is a celebration of autumn and the coming winter. It is believed that at this time the spirits of those before us are the most active, creating an atmosphere of superstition and mischief (basically the creepiest time of the year). These are creepy!

I dont think I know any halloween superstitions but the ones my grandma always told me creeped me out pretty badly. There was the one where if you cant wake up from a dream, theres a witch on your back.

A common source of fear, spiders make for creepy, crawly Halloween staples. They join the ranks of bats and black cats in folklore as being evil

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