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Dangerously entertaining college site featuring stories, college girls, fraternity humor, videos, and pictures for college students and young adults. Halloween has come and gone, but our costume contest rages on. Will there be more parties this weekend?

Shit if I know. When Halloween falls on a weekday, the rules are thrown out the window. Everyone knows two Halloweekends are better than one. We've received thousands of pictures and videos from different schools all over The competition was tough for this year's best costumes. The heat was most definitely brought. After days of hot glueing, driving back and forth to Hobby Lobby, and Googling costume ideas, it's your right to show off your costume as much as possible. Here are 33 of the topoftheline costume submissions.

Rainbow Snapchat Filter Happy Total Frat Move 31 Oct 2016 Austin, TX The same Texas university where students protested the states campus carry law by strapping on dildos now faces a crisis, triggered by Halloween costumes and theme parties.

Description for Quick Homemade Halloween Costumes Last Minute With Total Frat Move DIY For Lazy Bastards NEW TFM Videos Section. Watch thousands of hilarious videos from college campuses across the country. Guaranteed there's going to be an onslaught of frat boys pulling up in their Netflix and Chill outfits completely under the impression that the blog post they saw on Total Frat Move about the costume this year was the first time the concept had ever made an appearance on social media.

Total Frat Move has put out a list of 24 Halloween costume ideas sure to offend everyone, their response to todays politically correct campus culture, in which students are warned not to

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