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DIY Boutique Ruffle Baby Blanket Tutorial to make a beautiful blanket just like you see in the stores! Over the years I have made tons of minky blankets and when I first started sewing with minky it made me want to scream. Ruffle Blanket Easy Baby Blanket Diy Baby Girl Blankets Baby Blanket Tutorial Kids Blankets Diy Doll Blanket Crochet Edge Blanket Baby Blanket Size Ruffle Quilt Forward I want to make a baby blanket using this design.

How to make a Ruffle Minky Blanket For this blanket you will need: Cotton Fabric; Minky Fabric; Thread; Measuring Tape; Rotary Cutter; Scissors; Cutting Mat; Pins (lots! ) Sewing Machine; Length You will be doing 3 strips you will divide your length by 3 to determine the number of ruffles you will need. Tutorial How to Make a Ruffled Minky Blanket May 29, 2012 By Vanessa Barker 15 Comments I had this post as a Guest Post on The Ribbon Retreats blog last week.

Start with an aluminum pie pan and create your filling from pillow stuffing. Cover filling with red felt and glue to the inside edges of the pan. Create a lattice pattern with the velvet ribbon and glue to the inside edge of the pie pan. Use velvet ruffle ribbon for the pie crust and glue to the outside edge of the pie pan. Ruffled Baby Lovey Tutorial September 23, 2011 found this super cute Ruffle Blanket post on Pinterest from 2 Little Hooligans that I absolutely adore!

embrace the camera etsy fall farm stand fat quarter apron fat quarter friday flowers gabes gifts garden gifts giveaway guest post halloween happy birthday holiday traditions house kids I have shown you many wonderful and colorful blankets in the following list but of course, you can choose the colors of your own choice. Even you can make smaller and longer if there is need to do this. The rule of thumb for cutting a ruffle piece is one and half times the length of the piece you will be attaching it to.

So, for example, if you want to sew a ruffle onto a 10 piece of fabric, you should cut your ruffle piece to 15 in length. Next I pinned my ruffle to the 46 end of my linen piece, with right sides together.

Sew a line of gathering stitches down the center of each ruffle strip, and gather stitches until they are the size of the width of your quilt (approx. 44). Pin in place, over each seam. Stitch down the middle to secure in place.

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