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The Hexentanzplatz (literally Witches Dance Floor) in the Harz mountains is a plateau (454 m above sea level (NN)), which lies high above the Bode Gorge, opposite the Rosstrappe in SaxonyAnhalt, Germany. These German witches actually have nothing to do with Halloween; they flew to the mountains on Walpurgis night, the transition between spring and summer.

But their images were easily relevant to another preChristian seasonal holiday, Halloween, especially given the German dominance of the postcard publishing industry before Feb 05, 2017  In northern Germany, it takes place primarily in the Harz Mountains, with the biggest celebrations in Schierke (2930 April), Thale (29 April1 May) and the Hexentanzplatz (30 April), with festivities in more than 20 towns and villages in the region (harzinfo.

de). Harz Mountains: Lore, landscape inspire Halloween chills. the Hexentanzplatz (the witches dance ground) is a disappointment. Your best bet for Halloween fun in the Harz, though, might Walpurgisnacht has become a sort of Halloween party in Germany today.

Up in the Harz Mountains, bonfires are lit, and thousands of people dressed in Witch, Warlock, or Devil costumes come from all over to dance and celebrate on a plateau called the Hexentanzplatz near the town of Thale. Wishing You a Weird Walpurgisnacht and Happy Halfway to Halloween! (Hexenaltar), where these legends originate from. Nearby the Brocken Peak is the Hexentanzplatz, which literally means Witches' Dance Floor, where many preChristian rituals were performed, including the rites of old Saxon cults honoring the forest and mountain Apr 30, 2013  Walpurgisnacht Halloween's Diabolical Cousin WALPURGISNACHT.

(Hexentanzplatz). Its said that the region is named after a fleet of witches on broomsticks scared off a battalion of Frankish soldiers who were occupying the area. towns are decorated with witch and devil dolls, people dress in costumes, bonfires May 01, 2011 Walpurgis im Harz mit Hexen und Teufel Teufelsansprache in der Walpurgisnacht

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