Hairless cat scared by halloween mask

Meet Smeagol the cutest Sphynx cat. As a part of Halloween celebrations, the owner of this Sphynx cat decided to scare him, he wore a scary monster mask and started to scare the Sphynx cat, and his reaction was hilarious, he really was scared out. I think freaking out your cat or scaring it is a very bad idea for your pets, and its not a funny Nov 01, 2014  Smeagol hates Halloween Smeagol the Sphynx.

Loading Unsubscribe from Smeagol the Sphynx? Best Scared Cats Compilation 2015 FUNNY CATS Bald Cat Freaks Out At Owner With Scary Halloween Mask On! Share on Facebook. Tweet on Twitter. tweet; It looks like Smeagol the Sphynx cat isnt a huge fan of Halloween. If his reaction to his owners Halloween mask is anything to go by, hes pretty freaked out by the whole idea of it. Or maybe he just doesnt like big ol bear Smeagol is a sphynx cat with owners who are more into tricks than treats.

Watch what happens when his owner spooks Smeagol with a werewolf mask. I adore cats and I am crazy about dogs even the homeliest of the lot steals my heart. Having said that, the hairless Sphynx the werewolf mask or Smeagol the cat (aptly named, Since cats dont appreciate Halloween and a good scare the way we do, this was perhaps not the kindest thing you could do to Smeagol.

The werewolf looks like A little cat got the fright of his life this Halloween when he came facetoface with his owner wearing a werewolf mask.

Scared stiff: When the man wearing the costume moves away, Smeagol

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