Dont eat pete halloween printable word

Halloween Dont Eat Pete Free Printable Youve got to love a game that involves eating candy and scaring people! We love to play a good game of Dont Eat Pete around here! This year for Halloween I made a little printable and printed a bunch of these on 46 photos at Costco. If youre looking for other possible Halloween party activities, you might want to check out my printable Dont Eat Pete!

Halloween Game for Kids. Oct 22, 2012  Something about eating candy as fast as you can before everyone around you yells" Don't Eat Pete" really gets my adrenaline running. Such a great game for any Halloween party, family night, date night, etc. Seriously, Can you believe that Halloween is just around the corner, yay! Halloween is such a fun holiday, the kids all seem to really get excited and it is hard not to have fun with it. Have you ever heard of the game called Dont Eat Pete? It is a fun, silly game and most kids love to play it.

If you havent heard of it before, no worries. This game, Dont Eat Pete, is such a hit. Grownups and kids alike will have fun playing. I have included the instructions and a FREE printable of the game at the end of this post. WARNING: Once you print out the game, I would recommend putting the page in a plastic page protector.

That way, sticky fingers wont mess up the board. Dont Eat Pete is a fun, simple game for all ages to enjoy. Here is a Halloween Dont Eat Pete Game Board printable that is perfect for school and church Halloween parties, as well as Dont Eat Pete instructions!

Growing up, my family often played a game called Dont Eat Pete. I have My son came home from cub scouts the other day with a game like this, only called" Don't Eat Pete! " Thanks for making a beautiful board for us to print out. Reply Dont Eat Pete is a great party or family game for kids (or adults). Use any small candy as an incentive and print off the board. Get ready for lots of Halloween fun.

Earlier today, I made a Halloween game for my nieces and nephews. Then they have to yell" Don't eat (sight word)". Puts a litte bit of an educational twist on it: ) Katrina I knew I wanted to play 'don't eat pete' for the class party, but I have always had to make my own game boards using clip art.

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