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Halloween Videos. Halloween Creativity; Customer Videos; Other Videos. Be Patriotic 68 channel and 32 pixels sequence by LightORama and includes royalty free music Download the sequence to your computer and put it in your default LightORama Sequences directory. Download the royalty free music to your computer and put it in Oct 05, 2011 For what its worth I downloaded it Saturday with no problem.

Ver 10 is a great as it fixed a problem I had communicating with an E682. Thanks LOR! ! ! John WowLights specializes in high quality presynchronized LightORamaLOR Halloween light sequences. Order online and download today! LandOlights The website for the Christmas light display in Land O Lakes, FL Free Aurora Sequences My LightoRama Sequences 2012 (Christmas and Halloween) After four years, we are planning a major evolution in the Christmas display for 2012.

Everything in the in show will be tricolor capable (red, green, and white). Halloween Official LightORama Halloween sequences look great in any venue. Start with one 16 channel controller this year and add more in the future. Ready To Go sequences are meant to work with little effort on your part. The light patterns are 24 rows  Download Coloring Pictures; Christmas Music Trivia; Write Santa A Letter This Is HalloweenCitizens of HalloweenGetting all your lights and special effects to dance with the music is hard work and can be incredibly time consuming.

We make it easy for you to have a great show and take all the credit. This official LightO LightORama Sequences. We used LightORama prior to coming to our senses in 2015. Our old sequence files are available here. Our newer xLights sequence files will be made available at a later date when we get some time to prepare them.

Free LightORama Sequences. Welcome to the FREE LightORama Sequence page! These sequences are true originals I made when I first got into running an LOR show 7 years ago. It is a great way to learn a little more about the LOR software and see how to program your own.

(887 downloads) Oh Holy Night. 2009 Boughs of Holly (614 downloads My LightoRama Sequences (Christmas and Halloween) These files do not contain the associated music due to copyright laws. With the information provided, you should be able to find the music via Google.

Download Software; Sequences. Free Musical Sequence; Free Animation Sequences; Sequence Store; Best Practices. Looking to be more creative around Halloween? Sequences! LightORama has assembled award winners to create sequences just for you.

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