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Dec 01, 2017  DDP vs Goldberg for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship at Halloween Havoc 1998 DDP vs Sting for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship at WCW Nitro April 26, 1999 Though I stand firm that DDP shouldn't have turned heel, his heel run in 1999 with the Jersey Triad(DDP, Kanyon, Bam Bam Aug 19, 2010 WWE Alumni: Goldberg vs.

DDP for the WCW World Championship Halloween Havoc 1998 Watch DDP Vs. Goldberg [Halloween Havoc 1998 by Dany Mercury on Dailymotion here Sting (c) vs. Goldberg for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship: 12 Halloween Havoc (2000) October 29, 2000 Goldberg vs. KroniK (Brian Adams and Bryan Clark) in a Handicap elimination match (c) refers to the champion(s) heading 30 WCW Matches You Must See Before You Die. 23. DDP vs. Goldberg (Halloween Havoc '98) 10 Biggest Things WWE Stole From WCW WhatCulture.

com Well, its one of the most notable and discussed shows in WCW history, Halloween Havoc 1998. Between the horrible HoganWarrior match, Nash vs Hall, Sting vs Bret Hart and the highly regarded main event of DDP vs Goldberg, theres plenty of solid ring action to discuss. 10 Best WCW World Title Matches Ever. 6. Goldberg vs. DDP (Halloween Havoc 1998) and WCW were forced to air the DDP vs. Goldberg match for free on Nitro the next night, trying to appease fans World Championship Wrestling World Cruiserweight Championship Title vs.

Mask Match WCW Cruiserweight Champion Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio Jr Yes, it's this match, one of if not the greatest Cruiserweight matches of all time and one of my own personal top five favourite matches ever. 7. Randy Savage vs. Diamond Dallas Page in a Last Man Standing Match (Las Vegas Sudden Death Match) Halloween Havoc 1997 Chad: NWO vs. WCW was the overarching feud of 1997 and centered on the conflict of Sting vs.

Hogan. Below that, though, was a majestic upper midcard feud between Savage and DDP. Savage never really Diamond Dallas Page: Billed height: 6 ft 5 in (1. 96 m) Billed weight Halloween Havoc ran slightly longer than expected resulting in a number of cable companies blacking out the end of the Hogan versus Warrior match and all of the DDP versus Goldberg contest.

WCW decided to air the Goldberg versus DDP

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