Halloween version of musical chairs

Instead of musical statues do MUSICAL SCARES where the children get into a frightening pose whenever the music stops! Use Halloween music such as the Monster Bash, Purple People Eater and Halloween Sounds, etc. An obstacle course (chairs and simple objects set up) (The Halloween version of Simon Says) Oct 31, 2012 During the 2012 Fall Festival we played several games.

This one is basically a delicious version of musical chairs. Explain that this is a Halloween version of musical chairs with the witch's hat replacing the chairs. With their eyes closed, students will walk back and forth across the hat on the floor for as long as the music is playing. Halloween Musical Chairs: Tell the kids to wear a costume with a hat to the party, and make sure they know beforehand that their hats are going to be shared with others.

Set up chairs indoors or Games and Activities For a Kids' Halloween Party Keep kids entertained by creating stations where they can freely move from one game or activity to the next (sort of like circuit training at the gym).

This Halloween party game is another twist on musical chairs that eliminates all the pushing and running. When the music stops the kids will stop on Halloween images you've placed on the floor.

Draw an image from a hat and the child standing on that image is out of the game. 13 Retro Halloween Party Activites for Your Spooky Shindig. PLAY A GHOSTLY VERSION OF MUSICAL CHAIRS. But unlike musical chairs, which eliminates the person still standing without a chair 4 Musical Chairs Versions Kid's Birthday Party Game.

Musical chairs is a classic game that with a few twist here and there, can make it very unique. We have basic, advanced, group and a young childrens version of this game. Oct 06, 2015 We used to play a fun version of Musical Chairs when we had parties with family and friends. It was Musical Hugs, and the men took the place of the chairs! When the music stopped you had to hug the man in front of you. Halloween games are an excellent way to increase engagement and collaboration in your classroom.

Whether you're looking for party ideas such as Halloween bingo or a spooky version of musical chairs, these Halloween games for kids are fun and educational.

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