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Town of vienna halloween parade 2018

Vienna Halloween Parade. 680 likes. This year's parade will be on October 23, 2013! The theme is" Celebrating Music and Theater through the Decades. " Wednesday: 70th Annual Halloween Parade Scheduled in Vienna PHOTO from previous Town of Vienna Halloween Parade courtesy of Town of Vienna 2018 Heroes' Awards at Nationals Park!

Halloween Parade Awards Ceremony Each year, the Town recognizes parade winners at a Town Council meeting in November. Judged categories include youth band, float with music, youth performer, antiqueclassic vehicle, adult Vienna Halloween Parade, Vienna, Virginia.

27 likes. Event. Walking in the town Halloween parade with Alice and the White Rabbit. It would have been great if the weather was better real cold and started raining at the end. Download the Town of Vienna Meals Tax Registration Form (must be submitted by Sept 20, 2018) Download the Meals Tax Payment Form (payable on 20 November, 2018 The following documents will become available as we approach the festival: The Town of Vienna has an elected Mayor and Town Council. Cool restaurants, 2018 Vienna Community Events, W& OD Trail.

Town of Vienna, Virginia is where I live. The Town of Vienna has an elected Mayor and Town Council. Cool restaurants, 2018 Vienna Community Events, W& OD Trail The 72nd Annual Halloween Parade ( October 24th, 2018 Keep uptodate on Vienna specific issues with the Council Corner, a Councilauthored monthly column.

Run for fun with the Vienna Police Department. Read on Boo! Halloween parade deadline approaches. Read on Vienna Happenings SignUp Town Agendas, Minutes, and Videos Town of Vienna 127 Center St. S. Vienna, VA October 24th, 2018 Maple Avenue in Vienna will be closed to traffic around 7: 00 p. m. For the 72nd Annual Vienna Virginia Halloween Parade.

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