Halloween jokes and fun facts

Halloween is thought to have originated around 4000 B. C.which means Halloween has been around for over 6, 000 years! Halloween Facts Halloween, like any other time of celebration that has been around for a while, has many fun facts associated with it.

Read on for some amazing facts and trivia about Halloween. They are bizarre, funny, weird and historical facts that will give you a greater insight into Halloween as a festival. Halloween Trivia& Fun Facts Because of the unknown, Halloween is the one of the most captivating holidays, often celebrated by both adults and children. The element of surprise makes it fun and unpredictable. Tags: 30 New Halloween Facts, Facts About Halloween, Funny Halloween Facts, Halloween Facts, Halloween Humor, Halloween Jokes Comments Closed Enjoy Halloween 2017 On Twitter Follow @halloweenjoke Find 30 funny facts about Halloween which may or may not be true.

Important Halloween facts. Halloween Jokes has all your Halloween humor needs in one place. More than twice as much chocolate is sold for Halloween as for Valentine's Day; 90 million pounds of chocolate is sold during Halloween week alone. In total, 1. 9 billion

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