Spooky halloween treats for school

Sep 26, 2014 Halloween is a fun time of year. A time to get just a little creative and spooky. Coming up with unique treats and appetizers can be so much fun. Whether its for your kids lunches, parties, football gatherings, school, or for whatever reason I'm sure you will have fun doing it! These delicious White Chocolate Ghosts are riding on crunchy pretzel broomsticks for an extraspooky Halloween candy treat. If you can't find large pretzel rods, you can use 60 Spooky and Sweet Halloween Treats.

These wickedly good desserts are spooktacular. Halloween Treats and Dessert Recipes Caramel apples, pumpkin seeds and halloween cupcakes, cookies and pies. These Halloween desserts are 13 Spooky Halloween Treats for Kids by Brooke McLay October 12 @ 10: 00 am Halloween themed food doesnt have to be complicated and timeconsuming.

Break out your gingerbread man cookie cutter early this year; it's just the tool you need to make these easy cookies. With a little icing, you can pipe your way to spooky Halloween treats.

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