Potentilla rupestris origin of halloween

Life History Other Resources NatureServe Explorer Species Reports NatureServe Explorer is a source for authoritative conservation information on more than 50, 000 plants, animals and ecological communtities of the U. S and Canada. Potentilla are generally only found throughout the northern continents of the world, though some may even be found in montane biomes of the New Guinea Highlands.

Several other cinquefoils formerly included here are now separated in distinct genera notably the popular garden shrub P. fruticosa, now Dasiphora fruticosa.

Familia: Rosaceae Subfamilia: Rosoideae Tribus: Potentilleae Subtribus: Fragariinae Genus: Drymocallis Species: Drymocallis rupestris Subspecies: Drymocallis Native Potentilla rupestris L. is now accommodated in a segregate genus (as Drymocallis rupestris (L.

) Sojk). Several species of Potentilla are cultivated as ornamentals. Leslie& Walters (1995) and Jger& al. (2008) provide useful overviews of Potentilla rupestris L. Drymocallis rupestris, or rock cinquefoil, is a small plant of Eurasia. References. This article does not cite any sources. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may Media in category" Drymocallis rupestris" The following 20 files are in this category, out of 20 total. Potentilla rupestris (Rock cinquefoil). A wild perennial with pinnate leaves and starshaped purple flowers.

Origin. Britain. Interest and use. Attracts bees. Tall species, such as the shrubs, are useful in borders. Dwarf Potentillas are good for rock gardens and in containers. Suitable for coastal conditions. To view Potentilla plants Potentilla is a genus of about 500 species of annual, biennial and perennial herbs in the rose family Rosaceae, native to most of the Northern Hemisphere. Common names include cinquefoil, tormentil, and barren strawberry. In genus Potentilla, the aqueous extracts from seeds of Potentilla anserina, Potentilla argentea, Potentilla erecta, Potentilla fruticosa, Potentilla grandiflora, Potentilla nepalensis var.

'MissWillmott Potentilla recta, Potentilla rupestris and P. thuringiaca showed the antimicrobial activ ity against Helicobacter pylori with MIC ranging from

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