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Universal Pictures dropped the first eerie trailer for its Halloween reboot on Friday. Most notably, the reboot features Jamie Lee Curtis Among this years releases is Hell Fest, a slasher film set in a horror theme park during Halloween horror nights, where things will take a gory turn when a masked killer erases the line between park experience and real massacre. The film is set for a September 28 release and the first trailer has now been released.

As far as a premise goes, Hell Fest seems strong. If you were a masked killer and all you wanted to do was hunt annoying millennials, then going to an annual Halloween festival seems like a smart thing to do.

Hulus Into the Dark Trailer Promises a Horror Film for Every Holiday, Starting with Halloween and Thanksgiving! Syfy Announces 31 Days of Halloween With David Gordon Greens Halloween set to premiere at this weekends Toronto International Film Festival, Blumhouse has unleashed a brutal new trailer and we do mean brutal. Unlike the Watch the first trailer for 'Hell Fest, ' in which a maniacal killer terrorizes unsuspecting young people at a Halloweenthemed amusement park. A pizza place is built over a gateway to Hell in SLICE.

Last Halloween, A24 released a teaser trailer for director Austin Vesely's horror comedy Trailer halloween hell, and while the film still doesn't have a Apr 01, 2014 Ver 1 of Trailer for Halloween Hell, Directed by Ed Hunt, Starring Eric Roberts as Dracula and Edited by Daniel Mckinney Step right up to see the terrifying Hell Fest trailer from Lionsgate and CBS Films! Weve all imagined what it would be like if that masked freak following you at the Halloween haunted house turned out to be a real, bona fide psychopath.

With all the orchestrated chaos and scares, how would you To call the first trailer for Universal and Blumhouses Halloween reboot scary is an understatement. It isnt just horrific or unsettlingits Check out the latest Hell Fest trailer for a horror movie set inside the creepy world of a Halloween Horror Nightstype of event. Check out the latest Hell Fest trailer for a The official trailer has just arrived for Hell Fest, the upcoming horror film set at a theme park during Halloween, where a night of fun turns deadly as a costumed killer begins slaying unsuspecting patrons who believe that its all part of the festivities.

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