Halloween baby food jar projects

Kerry on Family Crafts shares how she easily turned full baby food jars into spooky decor. 7. ) SmallTypes. com has a tutorial for turning baby food jars, wire, and stickers into a sweet mantle decoration. Try using them to make one of these really cool baby food jar crafts: Spice Containers Shelterness shows you how to transform a baby food jar into a great organization tool for your spice cabinet. Apple Jar Give this super cute apple jar to a teacher you know, courtesy of The 36th Avenue.

Inspired by Jaime's Specimen Container Project I set out to create an edible version. Easy DIY (and the alcoholic version) after the jump I knew that my base would be Jello and was off to find some edible treats to include. I found these awesome gummy eyeballs intended for use in ice cubes so I knew they wouldn't dissolve in liquid.

I also found baby food jar crafts halloween candle What a neat reuse for baby food jars. I'll have to remember to save some jars this time around. Find this Pin and more on Baby Food Jar Crafts by Crystal Abel @ Eccentric Eclectic Woman. The average American household goes through over 600 baby food jars during baby's first year. I've found some of the most genius baby food jar crafts out there.

Seriously, these baby food jar crafts are completely epic, and completely doable. Check them out in the slideshow and get crafting. Play dough jars: fill several baby food jars with different colours of homemade play dough for a kids gift basket. Set some baby food jars out in the rain and make this scented rain paint. In the play kitchen: fill baby food jars with flour, rice, lentils etc. Glue the lids on, and kids can pretendcook with them.

Halloween Baby Food Jar Candy Dishes by Chelsea October 19, 2014 This is a quick and easy craft that even toddlers and young children can make.

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