Healthy halloween party

We get that you're going to splurge during Halloween. When else do you have an overabundance of all the classic candy favorites? Enjoy those, then break out these shockingly healthy Halloween favoritesfind sweet treats, easy cocktails, fall menus, and kidfriendly snacks everyone can feel good about. Halloween is a notoriously UNhealthy holiday. Overflowing treat bags brimming with chocolate bars, suckers and gummy candy But it doesnt have to be that way!

There are plenty of fiendishly fun foods that are actually healthy, too! This veggie platter is a Halloween party essential! Mom Endeavors shares some tips for constructing this spooky pumpkin from baby carrots and black olives. The stem can be made from broccoli, the end of cucumber, or a celery stick. Hosting a Halloween party this year? Treat friends to fun homemade goodiesthese 14 recipes are a bit healthier, much cuter, and way more inventive than prepackaged candies.

From fresh fruit to lowfat This arrangement will make the kids forget theyre eating something healthy! Its also very colorful and festive on a party table. Serve it with a side of ranch, hummus, or your favorite veggie dip. Most of these healthy Halloween appetizers can be made ahead of time, too, and served right before the first trickortreater rings the doorbell. Instead of filling up on candy, enjoy these devilishly delicious appetizers on the spookiest night of the year. Find healthy, delicious Halloween party recipes, from the food and nutrition experts at EatingWell.

A Healthy Halloween Party Last year I posted an entry on how to make Halloween cupcakes using marshmallows and boxed cake mix. My cupcakes were featured on Kokoliving Magazine and since then, have On Halloween, candy reigns supreme but it's far from the only treat you can serve up for your family to enjoy. Trick your taste buds with these ten delicious treats that won't scare your waistline. Get into the Star Wars spirit with this healthy and delicious party treat. This 3ingredient banana ice cream uses activated charcoal to make the frozen yogurt a striking black color to look like the carbonite Han Solo is frozen in.

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