Halloween colors represent

While other countries celebrate this holiday a little differently Halloween colors represent Americans, its safe to say that our Halloween colors and decorations are widely recognized. Just like red and green around Christmas time, orange and black Origin of Halloween Colors QUESTION: What is the origin of Halloween colors?

ANSWER: Have you ever wondered about the origin of Halloween colors? It is the custom of the celebration to use orange and black in decorations and costumes. Retailers embrace this holiday because its one of the most lucrative of all. Orange is the most prevalent color in fall, when the holiday occurs, and black is the color of death, which is why these are the most common colors for Halloween.

The Celtics may have been the first to use this color combination for Halloween. How can the answer be improved? Other Halloween Colors and What They Mean and Symbolize Halloween Colors: Purple. Image Credit: Shared by P J Nelson on Flickr with a CC License.

Purple is associated with witches and also wizards. It is a color that has links to all things mystical, supernatural and magical. White is the color of lightening flashing through the sky. Its also the color of the mad scientists lab coat. Photo Credit. Purple A Witches Brew. Purple has recently These various color combinations appear all over the place but if orange and black are so cemented into our cultural understanding of Halloween, what exactly do they represent?

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