Best halloween office pranks

Office pranks have a rich history in the workplace although Best halloween office pranks concern for those doing the pranking is whether or not they will get in trouble by the boss. A couple of rules to follow when developing your prank are most helpful and can get the boss on your side in Remember: Revenge is a dish best served cold. We spend so much time with our coworkers, its only natural to occasionally want to prank them.

We all need something sometimes to break up our days Find out more about the office Gag gifts, funny gag gifts for men and gag gifts for 50th birthdays. Share yours favorite prank and joke with Prank candles. 2. My Halloween stalker To pull off this prank, you should dress in a creepy or scary costume. A good example would be a costume as a zombie or serial killer.

This prank idea would also work extremely well if you could find an outfit that matches your victims costume. Follow your victim from a good distance. As office life is dull and boring, I hope to spice up your April 1st antics.

Not only do I not take credit for most of these pranks, I also do not take responsibility for your actions, the reactions of others, slashed tires or angry mob hunts you may receive, nor any impact to your employment status for using these. Provides funny, undestructive ideas for Halloween pranks, tricks, and parties. Office pranks have a long history in the workplace with a lot of folks finding Halloween to be the perfect holiday to get a good scare out of unsuspecting coworkers.

In order to find the best and the scariest pranks, I turned to the web and found a lot of really great ones that even made me a little envious. I [ Watch video  The best part about April Fool's Day is that everyone is fair game. Even big tech companies like Google and Twitter get in on the action every year.

It encourages even the most uptight, unfunny partypoopers among us to have a little fun driving each other crazy with pranks even at work. 15 Wildest Office Pranks. Feeding your wild side doesnt have to stop just because youre an adult with a 9 to 5 job.

Make every day interesting with one of these wild office pranks. Aug 30, 2012 A good, tame Halloween prank is the old" mouse in the desk" trick. You can buy a bag of fake mice, spiders, bugs, or snakes at the dollar store, and then place them all over the office. You can also simply place them inside a desk drawer. Find and save ideas about Office prank on Pinterest.

See more ideas about Coworker pranks, Office prank ideas and Work pranks. 16 Spooktacular Halloween Office Pranks Posted by Siofra Pratt, 30th So in the spirit (get it? ) of All Hallows Eve we thought wed set up a little office prank to catch out some of our unsuspecting staff members as they made they way into the office yesterday morning, and while we were at it, we thought wed show you some of our

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