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Oct 22, 2012  If Don't wanna dress in your underpants this Halloween? We feel you. Make sure to subscribe to Emotistyle! Easy DIY Halloween Costumes Ideas!

AndreasChoice Duration: Take it from the cute girls of EmotiStyle and their song" Things You Can Be On Halloween Besides Naked. " You might even get a good costume idea from their video. Halloween Costumes For Kids& Adults A stealthy ninja, scurvy pirate, sexy peacock, or huggable bunny or are you looking for a Halloween costume a bit off the beaten path, like a whoopee cushion?

Oct 23, 2012 Still undecided about your Halloween costume this year? The girls of fashion and comedy blog EmotiStyle DIY Greek Goddess Headbands featuring Emotistyle. DIY Greek Goddess Headbands featuring Emotistyle. DIY Greek Goddess Headbands featuring Emotistyle. Discover ideas about Greek Goddess Costume Halloween costume (Rockford Peaches) Next year Nikki!

Find this Pin and more on Happy Holidays! by Jessica Harris. Who made the rule that good Halloween costumes for girls meant that they needed to be slutty, sexy and show lots of skin?

Before you brand me a raging feminist and hit Emotistyle halloween costume ignore button, when was the last time you took a good look at Halloween costumes marketed to girls and women? Girl duo Emotistyle lets you know that it's totally okay if you want to dress up as something and not make it slutty. In fact, they encourage it. Sleepyninjatoast creates this comic about the trials and tribulations most women face when going out to purchase a Halloween costume.

I mean, come on. It's like you're not Watch video Panicking that you haven't picked your Halloween costume yet? We've found 61 lastminute costume ideas that can be delivered in 2 days.

Emotistyle has released an amusing music video about sexy Halloween costumes. Do you find it amusing or offensive?

Every year, Halloween comes with its own predictable traditions: trickortreating, pumpkin recipes, costumes based on bad puns, and increasingly, the tradition of women wearing everskimpier Halloween costumes and feminists online decrying the trend through blogs and social networks.

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