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Sep 27, 2009  Im 13 and i cannot think of a halloween costume. I dont want one thats skimpy, but i dont want one thats too bundled up. if you know what i mean. anyway, i was mother nature last year: ) a year before that i was a lady bug. I want something creative that can easily be made at home, but still be good. I do not want to be a nurse, Aug 19, 2008  Yahoo 7 Answers Sign in Mail Any teen girl halloween costume ideas?

I don't know what I want to be for Halloween. I know it's early but I want to know what I'm gonna be. I am 13 and going into 8th grade so it can't be babyish.

Be a ladybug or a Bee, there are some really cute costumes with short little tutus and Oct 27, 2008 Ok. I'm a tween girl and cant figure out a good halloween costume. I tried to be Waldo from wheres waldo. It will not work. and I'm not into those trampy short short (Kitten, Bunny, Etc. ) costumes. any ideas? ? Sep 14, 2009 Okay last year I was a Hooter's Girl lol. Note I am a guy I'm very confident with my sexuality I'm not switching ways its just I want to try and out due it this year xD.

So Far my ideas include but are not limited to Pauly Bleaker (Juno) I do XC Peter Pan Sounds Hilarious lol Power Rangers I'll get everyone I can to do it: D. Jul 28, 2010 Good halloween costume ideas for teens? i know it's early but i never know what to dress as and end up doing nothing.

i need good group and individual costume ideas please! Follow Sep 24, 2009  Yahoo Singapore Answers Anyone Know any good Halloween costumes for a 13 year old?

Okay I know it's a little early. But I'm 13 years old and i need a Halloween costumes that isn't revealing but still cute and fun. My little sister is being an 80's girl and my other one is being a dead bride.

But I want to be something that is Aug 31, 2010 YES i am all ready planning my costume for halloween this is my fav holiday EVER!

! im a 14 year old girl last year i was a goth the year before that i was a goth fairy and the year before that i was a geisha plz plz help me think of an amaingly amazing costume for this year thanks! ! ! Oct 19, 2010  Yahoo Singapore Answers Sign in Mail Help.

Account Info; Help; Send Good halloween costumes yahoo answers Society& Culture Holidays Halloween. Next. What are good halloween costumes for 2 guys one girl. ? We want to go as a group. It's gonna be me, my girlfriend, and my buddy. Good halloween costume ideas for obese women? Sep 22, 2007 Yahoo Philippines Answers Just a few to whet your imagination.

Maybe you can take it from here. I always make my Halloween costumes since it's cheap and more imaginative than buying one. Have fun and good luck! Whats a good Halloween Costume for two people? Yahoo Lifestyle is your source for style, Good Housekeeping. Khlo Kardashian and her boyfriend Tristan Thompson wore Daenerys Targaryan and Khal Drogo costumes for Halloween.

Must Watch. Jul 14, 2009  Halloween is a few months away but we were discussing costumes for a party we will be going to. We thought of going as a pilot and flight attendant. But my wife suggested it would be funny if we switched the roles so she dressed as the (male) pilot and I (a guy) dressed as the (female) flight attendant. The outfit would be a suit with a Oct 28, 2016 Harley Quinn Frankenstein Wrap yourself in Christmas lights and pretend you're Winona Ryder in" Good halloween costumes yahoo answers Things".

Lol I like the Trump answer Trump would be perfect since his face is orange.

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