How to make homemade crayon halloween costumes

Sep 29, 2009 Colorful and Easy Crayon Costume. Stick the 3" letters down the front of the shirt to spell" crayon" and spell the desired crayon color down the back of one leg using the 1" letters This homemade costume for groups entered our 2012 Halloween Costume Contest. A word from Stephanie, the 'Duct Tape Crayola Crayons' costume creator: In the picture are some of my roommates and friends from school.

Coolest Homemade Crayon Costumes for a Colorful Halloween Me and eight of my girfriends decided on a Homemade Crayons Costume for Halloween. We each chose the color we wanted to be. Homemade Crayons Costume: Me and eight of my girfriends decided on a Homemade Crayons Costume for Halloween. We each chose the color Make a last minute Halloween costume with an old pillowcase.

Just wear a dark turtleneck paired with matching tights or pants to complete this frugal Halloween look. Crayola Crayon Costume. Three homemade Halloween costumes (perfect for last minute tricksters) on a very slim budget. Happy Halloween, How to make Crayola Crayon Costume: Measure your child from the shoulder down to about the knees of the child.

Double that measurement and cut your colored felt to that length. Fold in half. The folded side is now the top of your outfit. Cut out a triangle in the top for your head. Well its freshmen year of college, and its Halloween time. My friend and I didnt want to be the typical nurse, French maid, or police officer that you generally see around college campuses at this time of year, so the costume brainstorming began. Simply Crafty: DIY Crayon Costume.

Oh well, Halloween night it is. But I did make these super simple crayon costumes for a work party a week ago. When I saw these costumes on amazon (discovered by my coworker Ashlee), I used that as inspiration and came up with this! This DIY No Sew Crayon Costume was so easy and FUN to make!

Its amazing what one can acheive with some felt, a glue gun, safety pins and some cardboard lol! We made this for my daughters Book Week costume however we think it would also make a FUN Halloween Costume!

We LOVE the book The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew If youve been on this site for more than a minute, you know we here at Brit Co. are all kinds of crazy about the upcoming Halloween holiday. Given our penchant for all things homemade, we only felt it right to share with you, dear readers, all of our favorite homemade costumes weve spotted from around the web.

Oct 19, 2010 The crayon tip hats were made from a set of rubber cones I picked up at the home depot. If I were to make this costume again, I probably would have picked a new material since the rubber hats were a little heavy.

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