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You can reduce the risk of lead exposure in your home by hiring a certified lead inspector to check to see if there is lead paint in the area of your work. If there is lead, then you may want to have a trained and certified lead abatement contractor perform an abatement to remove the lead from the area before you begin work. Lead paint can be nasty, and laws enacted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 2010 are designed to prevent contamination from leadbased paints.

Simple testing determines the presence of leadbased paint. If you have leadbased paint, you have several options for removal. Although some Buyer Beware: What You Need to Know About Lead Paint and Antique Furiture.

Projects. Card Making; Cricut; Holiday Projects. What You Need to Know About Lead Paint and Antiques. October 20, 2014 By Katie 2 Comments. 3M DIY Website, 3M DIY Home News Blog Fact Or Fiction: Painting Over Lead Paint Is Safe. Fact Or Fiction: Painting Over Lead Paint Is Safe then hiring a certified leadpaint removal team is important not only for the sake of the buildings integrity but also for the safety of everyone in the building ZOTA Professional Training.

Address: 5701 What is the difference between lead paint renovations and lead abatement projects? Find the answer at ZackAcademy. com! Jan 15, 2010 lead paint abatement i have several brick wall sections in my basement from which i would like to remove the old paint to expose the brick for aesthetics.

i was planning to do it using a 4. 5in grinder and a brush attachment. Follow these commonsense steps to know lead paint removal steps. Build your skills with online classes from the pros at DIY University Home Safety Tips How to Remove Lead Paint Safely. Special report for DIYers. DIY paint removal. LEADOUT Paint Stripper makes doityourself lead paint removal safe and easy.

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