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Page 1 of 2 Halloween Event posted in General Discussion: will there be any halloween event this year? halloween's coming soon yet we still having the PINATA event? Cherry Credits Forum Dragon Nest SEA I still have the old Halloween coupon tho, in case CC is too lazy to generate another item.

Back to top# 6 ejbrown Dec 29, 2013  Alrite here we come again, firstly the guide: 1)where can u change your purple charm and light weapon? 2)I bought an 8800dc costume whats is the halloween Event Calendar for November Dragon Nest SEA Link ophalen; Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; A Title with stats Champion of class 90days Halloween Box 5ea Abyss Darkness Weapon Exchange Coupon 1ea 2nd Place: Halloween Gacha Box 3ea Abyss Darkness Weapon Exchange Coupon 1ea 8th Nov WEDNESDAY SURPRISE EVENTS Dragon Nest EVENT CALENDAR Upcoming events are listed in the following calendar, so please have a look at it and make sure you don't miss out any of the events!

The top tier of Dragon Nest players will be selected based on the previous months topup records, and the selected VIPs will be given exclusive rewards. Gacha Box Content Guide The Chronicles feature bring players through the lore of Dragon Nest and rewards them with an instant level 80 character at the end of it.

Halloween Event Spooky Field. Entry Info: Spooky Field, a dungeon exclusive to the Halloween Event, is now opened. Desmodus Exchange Coupon (mount) Pumpkin Soul Spirit. Challenges and Rewards await you in the Halloweens Carnival of Horrors! Team Dragon Nest on: 05Oct2016 If you can handle thrills, scares and rewards worth dying for, then test your survival skills in Halloweens Carnival of Horrors Challenge. Oct 30, 2011 Dragon Nest Halloween Event 9 Coupons from Ducks to get one Permanent Halloween Pumpkin Mask Four Type of Pumpkin Masks Gentleman Horn Lantern Devil Cl Dragon Nest is available on various servers, with each servers serving a particular region.

Leveling Guide What to do at level cap (Lv 93) Skill Calculator (Lv 93) Event Costume Exchange Coupon (self. DragonNest) submitted 1 year ago by Jxsid. Hi, Dragon Nest The annual festival Halloween is coming again.

Are you ready for it? We are going to hold an interesting Halloween event, where you can present other with pictures, sketch out what kind of costume you most want to wear on Halloween and say" Trick or treat" to those following you. Decent rewards will be waiting for you!

If you are Dragon Nest Team Dragon Nest on: 14Nov2017 Game service resumed at 0755HRS CET. Happy Gaming! Dear Players, There Halloween Event; Best Hero Tournament (4 player) Cash Shop Updates. Addition. Dreamland Costume Series; Gehenna Darkness Weapon Coupon; The Dragon Nest team has lined up an exciting array of events to keep you at the edge of your seat this month!

Get ready your calendars and mark these bonus events so you wont miss them out! Make a date with us in the world of Dragon Nest! Terms and Conditions The event will start on 8 September 0000HRS and end on 30 September [Event Detail Any character who buys at Halloween event coupon dragon nest guide 10 Anniversary Gacha Boxes during the event period will receive rewards on the rewarding date depending on the tier that the whole server reaches at the end of the event period.

Dragon Nest. LOG IN; SIGN UP; EYE CASH; SNS Channel Facebook YouTube Twitch. GAME; NEWS; FORUM; MEDIA; SUPPORT Guide Quest Through the Nightmare Deep Abyss Guide Quest, you can get basic information on how to enter and what it is about. Seasonal Event Removal Halloween Event removal Best Hero Transfer Event Package (Horn of Life 15days, Trading House Special Coupon 1ea, Revival Scroll 24ea, Messenger Autumn Bird 10ea, Messenger Brezy Bird 10ea, Emergency HP Portion 50ea, Item Protection Magic Jelly 30ea, Seal Stamp 15ea, Gacha Box 10ea, Job Change Scroll 1ea, Manticore Minion, Polished Garnet 10ea, High Grade Essence of Life 10ea, 95 Heraldry Pouch 5ea, Rune Dragon

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