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Sep 27, 2015  Check out the other Halloween music videos on my channel. My 13 favorite Halloween Movies from the 1990's: The Nightmare Before Christmas 1993 PG Halloween H20 (1998) The sixth sequel. In fact, if you watch 1, 2 and H20, you'll be all set. This one takes up 20 years later, Laurie is a functioning alcoholic running a prep school.

She's Swys answers 90s movies halloween by what happened on that Halloween night long ago. But it's Halloween again and guess who's back. Halloween movies from the 90s. 90s movies. How many of these 90s movies do you know? 90s halloween movies. Quiz: How Well Do You Remember these 90s Halloween Movies? The 90s were known for their summer blockbusters and iconic romantic comedies (Im looking at you Pretty Woman). CGI was first used in the 90s and immortalized in Jurassic Park.

Read on to test your knowledge of 90s movie trivia and see if youre all that and a bag of chips. General 90s Movie Trivia. 1. For the latter half of the '90s, Wishmaster was one of those horror films which was always left available on the shelf during the scary movie video rushes of Halloween. As a result, it became something of a slumber party staple, and everyone thought it was terrifying.

Halloween The film is about a boy named Michael Myers, living in a unhappy family. But the mother is the only person loves Michael. In a Halloween night, Michael kills her father, her sister and her boyfriend. Her mother is '90s Halloween Movies For Kids Read through to see which '90s movies can go on your family Halloween watch list based on your child's age.

Related: EDIT (May 2011): Just realised that the newer versions of the app have the answers in a different order! This might take a while to correct, but feel free to use the list to get clues in the meantime. SWYS Books 2 Film. SWYS Scary Movies. Share and Enjoy: Share This Post. What is the ring on 80s movies say what you see. Sarah says: Halloween is the holiday of institutionally sanctioned candybingeing, which makes it the best holiday of all by default.

Another reason Halloween is the best: HALLOWEEN MOVIES. '90s HALLOWEEN MOVIES. Christmas movies will never compare to the beauty of the classic '90s Halloween movies like Hocus Pocus. The divalevel of this

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