Passion flower story behind halloween

The Passion flower What is the first think you think of when someone the flower of the passion vine had all the symbols of the Passion of Christ, and so it was didn't knew the story behind it! it's amazing how people tend to find ways to link objects and stories. but the funiest part is that the similarities are there.

so does it mean Aug 11, 2012 Early missionaries to South America used the Passion Fruit Vine's flower to tell the story of the Passion of Jesus Christ. There are ten petals on the flower. Each petal represents one of the disciples that was present. The shed that the flower grew along was being removed to make way for a vegetable plot. The Passion flower would have to grow along the fence instead.

She walked out to it. Jun 24, 2010  The passion it refers to is the passion of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is said that the 10 lowest petals represent the 10 faithful apostles at the time.

The pretty spindles represent the crown of thorns. The 5 petals above that represent the 5 wounds, and the top 3 represent the 3 nails.

It is a gorgeous flower and many of them only They are called a Passion Flower because the Passion of Christ. Each part of the flower holds a symbolic meaning to the story of crucifixion. The five sepals and five petals refer to the ten faithful apostles present at the crucifixion (excludes Judas and Peter). The three stamen (the pollen producing section of the flower) represent the three nails that But the Passion Flower is sacred even outside the Christian world.

In India, for example, the flower's structure is interpreted according to the story of the five Pandava brothers, with the Divine Krishna at the center, opposed by In 1608, Spanish Jesuits formally presented Pope Paul V with a drawing and dried specimens of the passion flower discovered in Peru in 1569.

The 16th century scholar Giacomo Bosio described the passion flower as" La Flor de las cinco Llagas, " meaning the flower with the five wounds, a direct reference to Some of the species grow as shrubs but they are few and far between.

The passion flower plant bears an edible fruit called passion fruit. The name Passion Flower has given rise to many names which relate it to sex or romance. However, the name does not relate to these things at all. The word passion actually refers to the passion of Jesus Passion flower, scientifically known as Passiflora, is a genus of a numerous species of flowering plants.

It is also referred to as passion vines. Most species of the passion flower are mostly vines, others shrubs while very few are herbs. Here are some excerpts to this interpretation of the Passion Flower and the Crucifixion.

Passionflower Springtime Bloom with Passionate Meaning (Dr. David Morgan) The passionflower that we have all come to love and appreciate for its unique beauty and Easter connection is the same species that Spanish conquistadors came to use as

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