Halloween pumpkin deer stencils

Just in time for Halloween fun pumpkin carving stencils! Our free pumpkin stencils feature designs you'll love, from pumpkin faces to dog breed designs to printable templates of favorite Halloween icons. Plus, beginners can learn pumpkin carving basics. Use our pumpkin patterns to create cute or creepy pumpkin designs. Halloween, Halloween decorating, Pumpkin decorating, September October 2013 Midwest Living Deer with branched antlers Etch and carve your pumpkin to create the head, then use branches for antlers on this unusual design.

These pumpkin carving stencils take your Jack oLantern creations to artistic heights with patterns that will have all the neighbors in awe this Halloween. Check out this great collection for ideas and patterns to make this holiday a smashing success. Whitetail Buck Pumpkin Designs. While searching for pumpkin carving ideas related to hunting, I came cross a bunch of great designs that I wasnt able to use. Click on the image below to view larger or save it.

Geeky is hot! Why have your regular Jackolanterns like everyone else when your Halloween pumpkins can be something unique and well, geeky! When I decided to make a collection of Sep 10, 2015  (Tip: Make sure the circle is wide enough to comfortably reach your arm into. ) Using your hands or a metal scoop, reach in and clear out the pumpkin innards. 2. Download the free deer stencil and print it out, resizing it with a copier if necessary.

Tape the stencil to your pumpkin, pressing down on the paper to smooth it as much as

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