Vox pop questions ideas for halloween

Voxpop questions. 1. Do you know how much water you are recommended to drink per day? I will ask the interviewee this question as I would like to gain a statistic from the people that I ask as to how many of them know the recommended amount to drink Written vox pops by email. If for any reason you find it hard to record live vox pops, emailing questions to the people of your choice is an alternative.

This article of mine shows you how to do that. Editing vox pops. With video and audio vox pops you certainly cant make any changes to what people have actually said only cut out sections. Sep 06, 2013  Any good ideas for vox pop questions?

I need them to be funny andor interesting. Thanks. Follow. 3 answers 3. Report Abuse. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? What would be an interesting question to ask Chinese people about their New Year on radio vox pop? Good topic to ask vox pops on? What do you consider Oct 30, 2014 Presented by Kyra Borg Filmed and Edited by Evan Demicoli But my absolute favorite twist on the vox pop (that I've seen recently, at least), is the music video for the band Cake's hit song" Short SkirtLong Jacket, " in which they go around California asking people to listen to the song by Adam Mar 9, 2015 Video production, Vox Pop Videos The term vox pop originated from the Latin phrase Vox Populi, which means voice of the people for those of us who didnt benefit from a classical education.

Get answers to questions quickly with onequestion Quick Polls on your Corporate Intranet Until Vox Pop has secured a majority government to put online voting in place for the entire population, each Vox Pop MP will vote in the House of Commons according to the wishes of their constituents who can decide via online polls.

Vox pop and interview questions 1. VOX POP AND INTERVIEW QUESTIONSROISIN QUINN 2. VOX POP QUESTIONS Can you name any films or TV shows showing LGBT main characters? Ahead of the KMUK conference in London that Professor Jane Mckenzie and I chaired we thought wed approach some of the speakers for their observations on knowledge management by posing a set of vox pop questions. For video and television vox pops, the interviewer approaches people" in the street" and asks them simple questions about the topic.

These people will be new to interviews and will often be nervous, flustered, giggly, etc. Choose which kind of vox pop you are going to conduct according to the needs of your organisation and of the individual story. If you are conducting a survey for newspapers, make sure that you: ask fair and honest questions Interviewvox pop questions and why we asked them 1.

We asked this particular question as we wanted toget information regarding the impact on students inparticular but also get a broader insight as to how itwas affecting all people looking at the prospect ofuniversity. We also asked this questionin order to try and provoke contrasting ideas

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