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Armadon Overview Quick Guide Advanced Guides A stolid and stalwart defender of the weak, whether Man or Beast, the longlived Armadon refused to take part in the war Find out how to counter Armadon in Heroes of Newerth Grants 10 20 30 Attack Damage and 4 5 6 Movement Speed to Armadon, plus a stacking bonus 4 8 12 Attack Damage and 1 2 3 Movement Speed for 10 seconds on spell cast.

Staff Effect: Target a location to become a ball and roll there. Mar 19, 2018  Showers the area around Armadon with quills, damaging nearby enemies. If a unit was struck by Armadon's quills recently it will take extra damage.

Radius: 650 Mana Cost: 30 Cooldown: 3 seconds: Deals Physical Damage and applies one charge of Spine Vulnerability to enemies in radius for 13 seconds. Maximum of 8 Heroes of Newerth is a freetoplay, stand alone MOBAgame developed by S2 Games. The Dark Lady. The Madman. Tremble Dec 28, 2015  Heroes of Newerth Set Effect Spotlight The Halloween Cosplay Set Armadon Avatar: Arma This page was last edited on 8 May 2018, at 20: 40.

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