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Are You Getting Enough Dialysis Heartland Kidney Network; Hemodialysis Dose and Adequacy; Are You Shortening Your Dialysis Time? Northwest Renal Network; SelfRegulation; Partnering in Dialysis Care Compliance and SelfManagement; Do Your Time English Spanish End Stage Renal Disease Network 13; Missing Dialysis Newest RPG Patient Education Handouts New!

Carbohydrates& Meal Planning Halloween Treats for Chronic Kidney Disease How to Leach Potassium from Tuberous Root Vegetables Kidney Kids Snacks for Hemodialysis Kidney Kids Snacks for Hemodialysis Spanish Meal Ideas for Diabetes& Dialysis Why What You Eat 1. Medication Management in the Dialysis Patient. M. Salman Singapuri, MD FACP FASN do not have any financial relationships to Melissa M.

Chesson, PharmD, BCPS The National Kidney Foundation is the leading organization in the U. S. dedicated to the awareness, prevention and treatment of kidney disease for hundreds of thousands of healthcare professionals, millions of patients and their families, and tens of millions of Americans at risk. Renal Diet Education Handouts For Your Patient Needs If you are searching for renal diet education handouts you have come to the right spot.

As I take calls and receive emails from all over the United States I find that many clinics Esrd patient education halloween practices are in need of renal diet education materials. ESRD PPS. ESRD PPS PatientLevel Adjustments Overview of ClaimsBased Monitoring Program; ESRD Reports and Educational Resources; ESRD Payment Regulations and Notices; Acute Kidney Injury and ESRD Facilities; Ask a Question; ESRD Reports and Educational Resources This webpage provides educational Dialysis Research Video.

Ever wonder What is research? Why might I want to participate in research? " To help promote research readiness in dialysis clinics, Dr. Jenny Flythe, UNC Kidney Center, and an interdisciplinary research team developed this 9minute video to teach patients and clinical staff about research and generate enthusiasm about dialysis The point of patient education is not to increase information, but to improve health outcomes. 2 A well informed patient can make better decisions that would yield better outcomes and thus a better quality of life.

Resources: 1. A special diet is needed for people on dialysis to help prevent the build up of waste products in the blood between treatments. Following a regular diet may cause these waste products to build up to dangerous levels. You need to understand and limit protein, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, and fluids. Click on the links below to access many useful patient education resources.

and education for patients and their families; Education should focus on managing comorbid conditions to delay the progression of needing dialysis, preventing complications, and learning about options for renal replacement therapy. You can use Kidney School to teach your patients about kidney disease, dialysis, and many other aspects of living with chronic kidney disease. Kidney School works for different audiences CKD patients people who have stage 35 CKD who are learning about their disease and preparing for future renal replacement therapy.

Healthy Halloween Tips for Kidney Diets. Halloween and healthy are not often paired, but a new mindset around food and health has prompted families and food professionals to focus on ways to make our everyday and holiday habits healthier. Why are Calcimimetics Prescribed for Kidney Patients? Benefits of Tracking Dietary Intake; Free and fun medical puzzles and games related to hemodialysis and dialysis patient care and treatment

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