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" Halloween Haul" is a Halloween episode of the animated TV series Fish Hooks. It first aired in the United States on the Disney Channel on October 7, 2011.

The gang decides to go trickortreating on Halloween in the pet store outside the tanks to keep Jocktopus from stealing all their candy. Fish Hooks was an American animated television series created by Noah Z. Jones. Twentyone episodes were ordered for the first season.

a gamer girl who he met on a rival debate team until Fish Prom when Angela was focus more on her video games then him, (Flying Fish, Halloween Haul) Kevin Michael Richardson as Dave the Cave Fish Watch Fish Hooks S02 E03A Halloween Haul full episodes, watch Fish Hooks S02 E03A Halloween Haul cartoon online free. Oscar is a neurotic fish and the brother of Milo. He is known to have a huge, almost obsessive crush on Bea, his later girlfriend.

In the beginning of" Halloween Haul"he is first seen at home while Milo and Bea are running away from the local bully Jocktopus. Oscar gets the idea about Jan 22, 2017  Fish Hooks Full Episodes 3, 677 views 26: 30 Caillou has HIGH FEVER LIVE Fun for Kids Videos for Toddlers Family Fun Mar 09, 2017 This feature is not available right now.

Please try again later. Its Halloween in Freshwater and the scene is set for a night of frights and fun! There is only one hitch Jocktopus. To avoid the constant pummeling and candy stealing that Jocktopus brings to the night, the gang takes their trickortreating tactics outside of the tanks and into the pet store Fish Hooks, a Disney Channel Original Series, premiered on September 3, 2010.

after airing a total of 110 episodes. Halloween Haul is the Halloween episode of Fish Hooks. Its Halloween in Freshwater and the scene is set for a night of frights and fun! There is only one hitch Fish Hooks" Halloween Haul" Episode information Production code 203a Story by Nick Confalone, Neal Dusedau, Meghan McCarthy, & Tim McKeon Written and storyboards by Darin McGowan Directed by C. H. Greenblatt& William Reiss Original air date October 7, 2011 Source" Halloween Haul" is a

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