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WCW Halloween Havoc 1993 (Version II) Original Airdate: October 24, 1993 WCW Halloween Havoc 1993 (Version II) WCW Fall Brawl 1993 (Version II) Goody Bag XXVIII: No Expectations; and wrestling content has never been so readily available. This sites reviews focus less on what to hunt down, as opposed to what's worth the Halloween Havoc 1993 just like every WCW event in the early 90's was intense and hardcore.

The classic match from spin the wheel make the deal between Cactus Jack and Big Van Vader was explosive. These two go all out in a brutal brawl that will always be one of my favorites for years to come. Random Review. NWA World Wide Wrestling January 5, 1985: Dont Be Modest Dusty. Halloween Havoc 1993. Halloween Havoc 1995.

Halloween Havoc 1996. Halloween Havoc 1997. Halloween Havoc 1998 (Original) I know rough show but be interesting to see a major shift in how in one night WCW got rid of Austin, Foley and Steamboat WCW Halloween Havoc 1993 New Orleans, LA. Your hosts are Tony Schiavone and Jesse Ventura.

OK, so we open with one of WCWs infamous mini movies. A bunch of kids are going trick or treating and they find a haunted mansion. They find Tony Schiavone at the door and wonder why he isnt at the PPV. Oct 10, 2012 Here is the first upload of WCW Halloween Havoc so enjoy and I will upload a special treat for you fans since I did not upload yesterday.

WCW Halloween Havoc 2000 Review WCW SATURDAY NIGHT Halloween Havoc was an annual professional wrestling payperview (PPV) event produced by World Championship Wrestling (WCW) from 1989 through 2000. Since the event was held in October, it had a Halloween themed show.

Halloween Havoc 1993 was a Professional wrestling PayPerView produced by World Championship Wrestling which took place on October 24, 1993 at the Lakefront Arena in New Orleans, Louisiana. Results Numbers in parentheses indicate the length of the match. (c) refers to the champion(s) heading into the match. WCW is, although I have another theory which Ill share after the match. Sting hits a bunch of stuff and Sid shrugs it off, and they go brawling into the crowd.

Ian R. Singletary, your IRS man back again with another Audit. In the spirit of the upcoming holiday (and my own guilty pleasure), this week Ill be reviewing another of WCWs annual Halloween Havoc events.

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