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The Halloween Spooktacular! challenge was released on 28th October 2011, as part of the Halloween Mission Pack DLC. The map is a Halloweenthemed version of The Ramparts campaign map.

The goal of the challenge is to defend all three Eternia crystals from Halloweenthemed enemy waves of increasing difficulty. You can get some codes through liking the Dungeon Defenders Facebook page and following their Twitter page.

How do i claim the Twitter one? I got the Facebook one but the Twitter one i followed them but no code showed up. 0 QUOTE. Paloverde zfogshooterz. 2, 363 posts. You can help Dungeon Defenders 2 Wiki by expanding it. Burning Souls skins (Halloween Event 2016) List of Costumes Currently Available The Apprentice. Mage of Shadows Powerful 800 gems. Goblin Infiltrator Huntress Mythical Defender Packs. Borean Stalker Epic Defender Pack. The Halloween Spooktacular 2!

challenge was released on 30th October 2012. This map is the Halloweenthemed version of The Endless Spires campaign map but with three additional (jackolantern shaped) spawn points and an additional (wooden bridge) pathway up to the three Eternia crystals.

The Von Wolfenstein you get from doing halloween on hard with a huntress is an excellent weapon for DPS purposes. l I Nov 7 '11 at 21: 53 We both have some fullyupgraded Crystal Trackers which we use, but I don't see your setup working with only 2 Dungeon Defenders II Guides. Gilthanes's Guides Huntress: Defensive Health 15 Points (after 15 points you only gain 1 health per point) (2.

7) Added a DPS Apprentice Guide, and will update with a Tank Squire setup as soon as I can get valid information or level one up soon! Classes Huntress The Huntress is a ranged hero that deals high damage to single targets. Primary Attacks deal Physical Damage, while Secondary Attacks can be charged to deal extra physical damage plus Knockback to a single target.

Dungeon Defenders II Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Lore: The Huntress is an experienced wildlife hunter and trapper, having ventured deep into the wilder depths of Etheria. Across her travels, she perfected deadly traps and snares, testing them against terrible beasts and enemies alike.

Dungeon Defenders Insane Spooktacular Guide by Myxx. NOTE: This build is pre7. 09. I still have yet to test how it holds up against the new mob hps. If anyone does before I get to it, post here.

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